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with the latest technology. Be it Bulk SMS, Voice SMS or Digital Marketing
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Get your messages across with Edigo SMS .Use any or all of our Messaging solution whenever  you to.It is simple, if you want to send messages to thousands of people  within a second then quickly use our platform.

Do not think of  how much you are going to pay  for sending messages to your target,the time to consume and stress involved because EDIGO SMS  has come to relieve you and to make your burden so light

Edigo SMS is The Best,Fast and Reliable Bulk SMS Company in Ghana

Bulk SMS allows you to reach thousands of people within a second where ever they are, inform your customers of promotion and news is a great way to engage with your customers.

SMS is becoming an essential part of an effective multi-channel marketing strategy that delivers consistent ROI.

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The surest and most reliable way to reach thousands of customers at all times

Bulk SmS

Bulk SMS for activities like..

✅business promotion
✅sales reductions
✅discounts/new items
✅xmas events
✅Delivery works
✅church programs
✅well wishes
✅welcome messages
✅xmas greetings
✅thank you messages
✅wedin announcement
✅burial announcement
✅mass broadcasting/political campaign

Digital Marketing

We have a component of marketing  that utilizes the internet and online based

Voice SmS

Send messages to people within a second.


We are able to talk to you about your content

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Edigo SMS is one of the best bulk sms service company in Ghana.If you want to send a lot of  messages to a lot of customers then do not hesitate to contact us,we are always at our customers services.